Creed with Myles Kennedy and SLASH

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So I was browsing Facebook and came across the photo above. I couldn’t believe that this was the first time that Scott Stapp and Myles Kennedy have met! So much history is combined within this one photo.

I assume there are a lot of fans debating on who is the better band/singer. As soon as I see a comment relating to that debate I stop reading, because I’m a fan of both bands and all their solo projects etc. I believe there are many fans that feel the same way. I recently became an Alter Bridge fan when I decided to see what everyone was going on about by buying their third album and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. So I hope this photo allows some of these debates to subside, because I believe if you are looking for an example that a picture is worth a thousand words then this is it.

So lets all just enjoy the amazing contributions that these musicians have made to rock music!

Rock Regards,

Lauren K


2 thoughts on “Creed with Myles Kennedy and SLASH

  1. Dennis says:

    Yes! This is amazing! I love Creed, Alter Bridge, The Tremonti Project, Gun’s ‘N Roses, Scott Stapp’s solo album AND Slash’s solo stuff with Myles!


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