Chris Daughtry’s cover of Pink’s Try

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I heard a lot of buzz on Twitter concerning Daughtry‘s cover of Pink’s song Try which just seemed to come out of the blue. I just listened to it and of course its a powerful interpretation of the song and proof just again of how talented Chris Daughtry really is. So without further ado here is the video.

I know Pink isn’t in the genre that this blog is dedicated to, but I have to give credit where credit is due. The video of Pink’s new single “Try” is astounding to say the least and she never ceases to impress with her physical acrobatics, voice and absolute fearlessness. How many artists in the pop/rock genre do you know who can swear in their songs and still come out on top of the charts. Here is the official music video for “Try”.


Rock Regards,

Lauren K


4 thoughts on “Chris Daughtry’s cover of Pink’s Try

  1. Max says:

    Can someone please clear up a doubt to me? Why isn’t P!nk actually on the rock category whereas she’s a pop rock singer? Pop rock is a subgenre of rock music, just like hard rock, grunge, indie rock, punk rock. Many fans of heavy rock music refuses to consider her that way, even though she won a grammy award for Best female rock vocal perfomance. Rock isn’t limited to hard rock and all its heavier subgenres. 😦


    • Hi Max
      I agree whole heartedly with your comment. I think that P!nk is not considered in the rock category, because she might be more mainstream. I believe she should be considered in the rock category, because she has a solid band that has been touring with her for years and her latest album seems to feature the band more prominently than before. Although I think the pop/rock category should’nt be used as loosely as it is currently being used, because most of the time there are artists categorized as pop/rock that should be categorized as pop. I think rock fans like P!nk, because she has genuine talent, drive and attitude. Rock fans just might not admit to it, because she is too mainstream when compared with other artists they are fans of. Overall I don’t think people should worry too much about categorizing every artist so specifically, because in the end all that really matters is the music and what it means to people.
      Thank you for your comment!


    • julie d. gipsonn says:

      Agree with you and the other community. She is an extremely talented artist with all the grit and style to back it up but, because she is so widely known people place her in that category but she is a “Rockstar”. She should take it as a compliment because mainstream gets play and exposure which builds fanbase and awards which in turn sells. Records much respect to her.



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