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Sal Costa

Sal Costa in support for Reth?nk Breast Cancer

Today I’m delighted to feature the enigmatic and talented guitarist for the band My Darkest Days. Its hard to miss Sal with his signature mohawk and trademark fashion sense, he is truly someone that captures your imagination.

Sal was born on the 7th of July 1986 as Salvatore Costa. Sal is the youngest of three children and he has two older sisters namely Monique and Cathy. At the age of 4 he started playing piano after being mesmerized by his eldest sister Cathy’s abilities while playing the instrument. Around about the same age Sal started to paint more elaborate pictures and his parents decided to enroll him in art lessons with a family friend. Sal has been able to recall a lot of his memories from a young age and he is really grateful for the fact that he can still cherish all the memories he had as a youngster.

After a few years of playing the piano Sal really became infatuated by rock ‘n roll largely influenced by his middle sister Monique. Monique bought Sal his first guitar when he was 8 years old, Monique also liked to dress Sal in clothes that were popular during the grunge rock era and gave him strange haircuts. One summer day Sal decided to organise a local neighbourhood street hockey game which served as a distraction while Sal snuck away to the local hair salon and convinced them to give him his first piercing. Needless to say Sal’s parents weren’t very charmed with the fact that he had an earring in his ear at the tender age of 8. Sal’s parents’ tolerance and patience has been tested at numerous times with Sal’s antics, but they have always supported his dreams. Sal stopped taking art lessons around this time, but he still likes to doodle to this day.

At the age of 10 Sal started taking guitar lessons from Frank Cosentino and they have remained friends through the years. Frank fueled Sal’s love for rock and grunge music and cites him as the main contributor regarding his knowledge of the guitar. Frank taught him how to play the guitar and how to write with his heart. Sal started to play in bands almost immediately after he started taking lessons and begged his parents to buy him another guitar and a drum set, so that he can invite friends over in order to teach them how to play. Sal became so passionate about music that he would hide away his toys when his friends came to visit so that they wouldn’t be distracted and that forced them to stay and play music up until it was time to go home.

Sal started to fall in love with Kurt Cobain and he wanted to be just like him, Sal even tried to learn to play the guitar left-handed just like Kurt. He decided to grow his hair and he dyed his hair blonde at the age of 12, he was only missing the goatee due to his age of course. Sal was listening to Kurt Cobain while most of his peers were listening to the most popular music for tweens at the time, like Hanson and Spice Girls. Sal studied Kurt’s lyrics and his fearless persona while he continued getting piercings and wrote songs which when looking back Sal can’t help but smile. Although he admits that the content of his songs was pretty serious for a 12-year old.

At the age of 16 Sal snuck out of his hotel room in New York City while he was on a school trip at 3am in the morning in order to get tattooed in one of the city’s ghettos. Since that first tattoo it triggered Sal’s tattoo addiction which he doubts will ever stop. As high school progressed he continued to write music, lyrics and tried to perfect his art. Sal even started singing which he swore he would never to do. Sal always wanted to be the silent guitar player in the band for example a “Slash” persona which came to mind when Sal envisioned a role for himself within a band.

As time passed Sal decided to enroll himself in University, Sal studied Jazz and Flamenco guitar as well as business which he rarely attended. Sal fell in love with Flamenco guitar and his love for it consumed him up until the point where all he wanted to listen to was Flamenco music, because it touched his soul. Close to the end of his first year of University Sal received an unexpected call from his Flamenco professor asking if he could talk to Sal and his parents at his family home. His professor told his parents that he had to leave University, because it wasn’t going to help him become the type of musician he wants to be. He told them that if Sal wanted to be a rock star he had to act like one and rock stars don’t hang around at Universities. So Sal left school to become a rock star.

A few of his band’s demos landed in the hands of Darren Grahn who has worked with Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and Metallica. After a few phone conversations they left on a plane to Vancouver to record an album with Darren. Wile Sal was in Vancouver and he was living out of his hotel room for about two months he started battling depression and anxiety which he never experienced before. He speculates that the fear of the unknown was the cause of all this anxiety he was experiencing. This resulted in extreme weightloss, before he arrived in Vancouver he weighed about 165lbs and he dropped to 116lbs keeping in mind that he is 5’10”. He was dating a model at the time and he weighed about the same as she did. Sal used to faint a lot and he was in and out of hospitals as he began to fear the idea of death. He struggled with panic attacks and anxiety for about a year up until a day when he started chatting to a friend of a friend. This friend told Sal a few things during the conversation that cured Sal instantly. You can read what he said on Sal’s Facebook page here:!/SalCozCosta/info

Sal decided to turn his life around and start focusing more on his mental, physical and emotional health. Sal’s ultimate goal in life is to infect people with his words and melodies.

I learned most of the facts mentioned here on Sal’s MySpace page:

My Darkest Days was discovered by Chad Kroeger and they are currently signed to his record label 604 Records. The band was founded in 2005 by Matt Walst brother of Three Days Grace’s bassist guitarist Brad Walst. Sal joined the band in 2009. When Sal joined the band, the band members said that it felt like Sal had been there the whole time and they just clicked.

I became aware of the band after they released their debut single Porn Star Dancing and after that I bought their album and I really like the band. Sal is a sensitive, energetic and caring individual. I joined his page about 2 years ago and he even used one of the drawings I made of him as his profile picture on the 12th of December 2010. Needless to say I was incredibly flattered and although I think my skills have improved slightly since then I spent about 8 hours on that drawing. I mention this just to indicate the amount of dedication and love Sal has for his fans. He is really wise and shares some of his thoughts on Facebook from time to time. He supports a number of campaigns like anti-bully initiatives, he is against animal cruelty and he supports breast cancer awareness. Seeing as he is about the same age as I am he is definitely someone I look up to, he has a bright future ahead of him.

You can view the video for Move Your Body below:

You can follow Sal on Twitter here:

And you can follow My Darkest Days here:

Rock Regards,

Lauren K

My Darkest Days (album)

My Darkest Days (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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