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The Rock Riff Blogger

I have always had a passion for music and music has always had the power to cheer me up or to make me feel better. Few people on the planet know how I feel about music or the artists that compose the music I love. I’m a BTech Marketing Graduate and I have a passion for social media and the internet. I finally decided to merge two of my passions in life, rock music and my love for the online world.

From an early age I was interested in music, I used to sing in front of my family and I used to charge them money to watch me perform in the lounge area. My earliest memory would probably be Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill album which I sang and danced to endlessly. I had a preference for R’nB music when I was about 10/11-years-old. In my teenage years I had a huge crush on the band members from N’Sync and I was very much into popular/mainstream music at that time. Later on in High School I really started to gravitate towards rock music and I listened to Nickelback, Creed and Evanescence at that time in my life. From college onwards my taste in rock music began to evolve and slowly but surely I got into heavier rock music, but still retain my love for the genre overall.
It has been at the back of my mind for a long time to share my love and passion for rock music with people who have similar tastes and I finally scraped together enough courage to actually do it.

I really hope readers enjoy my blog and I will try to cover as many interesting artists as I possibly can. I need to share this deep love I have for music, because I believe music has the power to heal people.

Rock Regards,

Lauren Kruger

15 thoughts on “About Lauren Kruger – The Rock Riff Blogger

  1. Hello,
    We are a Hard Rock band called LOVE A LUNATIC. We are based out of the Philadelphia,PA area. Check us out! We have our self-titled EP available online and we’re just about ready to release our new album Jan/Feb 2016.



  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Lauren – would love to hear your thoughts on this political hard rock out of LA – just released their second EP in a series of three: RED, WHITE & BLUE. Can I send you an email with the private streaming link?



  3. Park County says:

    Great blog Lauren! Since we like a lot of the same bands, here’s a new song to check out…


  4. Hey Lauren!

    Love the blog, was hoping you could check out our new music video of our lead single “Life After Left” off of our upcoming full-length release “When The Bough Breaks”. Thanks so much and let us know what you think! – Divided Seasons

    Liked by 1 person

  5. […] About Lauren Kruger – The Rock Riff Blogger. […]


  6. re says:

    Stopping by to leave this link…

    Modern Rock Mix


  7. Dan Edwards says:

    Hey Lauren,
    I would like to give you a link to FOREVER THE FALLEN’s debut single Left Behind, please check it out and if you like it i can send you the single and artwork for review
    Forever The Fallen


  8. Drown Incus says:

    Dear Lauren!

    It’s finally here! The debut album of the rock band Drown Incus is out now!
    We will gladly provide you with the complete album including artwork and promotional images for a review.

    The album “Latter Days” is available in all major online stores as well as hard copy.
    We look forward to your reply!

    Drown Incus


  9. Hey Lauren!

    I like your blog and the way it focuses on straight forward rock n’ roll… and I was hoping that you might give us a listen because I think you might like us!




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