Great Rock Albums released in 2018…so far

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Due to studying and life running away with my time I have not been diligent in keeping the blog updated, but hopefully this won’t be a problem any longer. In the past few months I have listened and discovered new music by some talented artists and I even discovered artists that are in a different genre. I absolutely love discovering new bands/music, it makes me want to share it with the world.

Shinedown – Attention Attention


Shinedown – Attention Attention Album Cover  Copyright: Shinedown / Atlantic Records

Released on the 4th of May 2018, this is a concept album depicting an individual who is overcoming negativity and being reborn as a new person with a healthier mindset. Shinedown always provides us with hard-hitting, in-your face rock music with honest lyrics. They don’t shy away from the uncomfortable truths. Shinedown is able to craft songs that blend different techniques seamlessly. I was blown away the first time I heard their first single from this album “DEVIL”. The drums shine on this track as well as Brent’s intense vocals. “PYRO” is stellar. It builds up through the intro to launch into full on mayhem, especially that chorus! Zach’s guitar riffs provides the basis for this track which is a treat. “HUMAN RADIO” is an interesting commentary on the current state of the world we live in, which I found fascinating. The concept for the video is thought-provoking in the best way possible and memorable. I highly recommend this album as there is not a song on here that I didn’t enjoy.


Myles Kennedy – Year of the Tiger


Year of the Tiger – Myles Kennedy Album Cover Copyright: Napalm Records

I have wanted to do an album review of YOTT for such a long time. I have to admit that it has been something that I have found quite daunting. As most of you know by now, Myles holds a special place in my heart and mind, as a human being and as a musician. I was in awe the first time I heard the title track, I was surprised by how much I loved it. This might sound strange, but I had no idea what to expect from Myles’ solo album. I would struggle to categorise this album in a specific genre, which to me is actually a good thing.

The day the album was released I was already well acquainted with the title track already. First off, I have to mention that I’m very reserved when it comes to expressing my emotions, except if something gets me really excited. I sat in my car, listening to the album and when “The Great Beyond” came on, my jaw literally dropped. The intro is very theatrical and I was in absolute awe. If you want to know the calibre of the musician that Myles is, then that is the track you need to listen to. His skills on guitar is impeccable and the note that Myles hits in that chorus amazes me every time I listen to it. You can hear the passion in this song and it reminds me a little bit of Spanish guitar combined with theatrics.

“Devil on the Wall” has a great storyline and it has some country swagger to it. “Ghost of Shangri-La” was a neat little surprise tucked away amongst the other songs and despite the lyrics, it has an uplifting feel to it. “Haunted by Design” will haunt your ear, that is for sure. An easy listening song where you can appreciate the lyrics. “Love Can Only Heal” takes you on a sonic, atmospheric journey encapsulated by Myles’ ethereal vocals. This song is definitely a fan favourite.

I had the privilege of seeing and meeting Myles on the first show of his solo tour, read my review here: Myles Kennedy in Cape Town 2018

Tremonti – A Dying Machine


Tremonti – A Dying Machine Album Cover No copyright infringement intended

It is pretty apparent that this band improves with every album they release. I think there is more variety on this album and the guitar technique/skills always stand out, but that isn’t the only focus. The band has grown and incorporated solid lyrics, vocals and diversity in their sound compared to their other releases. The timing on “A Dying Machine” creates a good contrast to make the chorus stand out, with a more subtle guitar solo in the bridge. “Throw Them To The Lions” is a hard hitter of note and that signature Tremonti sound shines on this track. “The Day When Legions Burned” is a masterclass in drumming, Garrett’s technique on this track is undeniable. I absolutely love “The First The Last” and this track took me by surprise. Mark’s vocals on that track really makes you sit up and take note. This shows how much Mark’s vocal ability has grown these past few years. “The First The Last” tugs at my heart-strings.

“You are the heart that beats within my dying core” – What an incredible lyric.

A solid album for the hard rock/metal lover with a few pleasant surprises in between.


Bad Wolves – Disobey


Bad Wolves – Disobey Album Cover

I probably don’t have to tell you that I heard about Bad Wolves the first time I heard their now extremely popular cover of The Cranberries’ Zombie.

What I didn’t expect was how hard I was going to fall in love with this band. I love the melodic verses surrounded by some serious heavy metal screams/distortions. They have managed to create something that is pleasing to the ear, even if you are not a heavy metal fan. They manage to get the combination just right. “Disobey” and “Learn To Live” are quite heavy and punchy, but they are lifted by melodic choruses. “Remember When” tells the story of Tommy Vext’s childhood and the tragedy that caused him to land up in a hospital bed. I would like to elaborate on this story on the blog soon. It is a powerful song and one of the stars on this album. The bass line on “Better The Devil” reels you in and takes you on a journey that attack your senses. “Hear Me Now” is a tender moment on the album and features hard rock chick DIAMANTE. It is a stellar performance and even the version with only Tommy on vocals is outstanding.


Pop Evil – Pop Evil


Pop Evil Album Cover

Pop Evil knocked it out of the park with this album. This is a hard rock fan’s dream come true. Solid song writing, utilising instruments in a balanced mannner complimented with powerful vocals. The Rock Riff ranked “Waking Lions” as the Number 1 song of 2017, which means the expectations were high for this album. “Art of War” and “Be Legendary” are lyrically captivating and melodic.  “Nothing But Thieves” starts with an interesting intro which incorporates an electronic sound, but you can’t help being intrigued and waiting to hear what will happen next. The inspiring track “When We Were Young” will make you reminisce and have hope for the future. Leigh’s smooth vocals have the ability to transport you to another place, the best example of this is on the track “Rewind”. Hayley Cramer is magic on the drums, especially on “Colors Bleed”, this girl doesn’t need to stand back for any drummer.


Honourable Mentions

Turnstile – Time & Space


Turnstile – Time & Space Album Cover

The intro to “I Wanna Be Blind” is stellar and it is an energizing song with elements of classic rock and funk thrown together. The album is an interesting mix of various styles. The band didn’t hold back on this album and they are not afraid to take risks. They maintain an intense tempo throughout the entire album. This album is more suited to the average punk rock fan.

Black Stone Cherry – Family Tree


Black Stone Cherry – Family Tree Album Cover

I love this band! I love their sound, because I find it so refreshing. Chris Robertson’s southern drawl is unmatched. This album had some surprising tracks on that I was a little surprised about. “Bad Habits” is the first song off the album and I think it represents the signature Black Stone Cherry sound perfectly. I feel that there needs to be a track on an album that is a classic representation of that specific band’s sound. They have incorporated a slightly more dominant country sound, especially on songs like “Carry Me On Down The Road” and “I Need A Woman” and even some blues on “James Brown”. The album does seem to take on a slower pace overall, but I think the band is developing their sound and trying new things. You have to admire that.

The Temperance Movement – A Deeper Cut


The Temperence Movement – A Deeper Cut Album Cover

A fantastic band that I discovered on the airplane on my trip back from London to Cape Town. A British band that embodies the groove of true Rock ‘n Roll. You can’t help but be caught in the infectious beat and groove they emit. Their songs inspire me and instantly improves my mood. “Built-In Forgetter” is the one that got me hooked in the first place. “Backwater Zoo” really makes me feel like I have heard this song before, a few decades ago, it is like the song pays homage to classic rock bands in the 70s. The smooth guitar chords layered on top of “Love and Devotion” makes you want to grab someone to dance with. “Beast Nation” is an emotional song that soothes your soul with gritty vocals in the verses and THAT guitar solo in the bridge! The passion of the band members are evident on every track. “The Way It Was and The Way It Is Now” is another standout, the guitar hook on this track is incredible.

Hopefully I have more time to share more music with you.

I can’t wait, I’m excited!

Rock Regards,

Lauren K

Best rock videos that 2016 has delivered so far…

2016 promises to be a big year for rock music! New music will be coming from Lacey Sturm, Alter Bridge, Slash, The Offspring, Green Day, Dream Theater, Korn, Megadeth, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Avenged Sevenfold, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Metallica!

Whoever said rock music is dead never had a look at that line-up!

The past two months have seen quite a few rock music videos which you can lose yourself to.

Black Stone Cherry – “In Our Dreams”

Black Stone Cherry is back with their up-and-coming album “Kentucky”. Watch their latest video for their new single “In Our Dreams” with an interesting concept of people living under water in terrible conditions under the rule of a dictator. See what happens next:


Halestorm – “Mayhem”

Exactly the song you will expect with “Mayhem” as a title. Halestorm throw everything they have in the execution of this song, an adrenaline fuelled, fist-pumping track that is sure to make any rock music fan happy!



Against The Current – “Outsiders”

Chrissy Constanza charms the crowd during a live performance captured to serve as a music video for their single “Outsiders” filmed at their sold-out London show.



Falling In Reverse – “Chemical Prisoner”

Ronnie Radke told that he had the most fun shooting this video and they made use of his dad’s motorcycle club. It was shot in Ronnie’s home town of Vegas. An intense song that will keep you coming back for more.


New Years Day – “I’m About To Break You”

A creepy yet stylistic video for New Years Day’s song “I’m About To Break You”. A fun, hard rock song that I can just imagine myself singing along to in the car and maybe head-banging at the traffic light! 😀 The video reminds me of Mad Max, which is definitely a good thing!


PVRIS – “You and I”

“You and I” by PVRIS is probably the tamest song on this list, but the band is on fire at the moment and they have recently released a slew of music videos. I just admire Lynn Gunn’s haunting, silky voice and I love the arty, gothic style of the video. I’m really excited for the what the band’s future holds in store!



I hope that we will share many more rock music moments in 2016!


Rock Regards,


Lauren Kruger

Band of the Month – Rival Sons

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Jay and Scott by beggwa Source:

Jay and Scott by beggwa


Rival Sons is an American rock band from Long Beach, California. The band formed between 2008 and 2009 from the remnants of the band that Scott Holiday was part of called Black Summer Crush featuring Thomas Flowers (Oleander). The pair began auditioning musicians when Scott was introduced to Michael Miley and instantly felt he was the right fit. After trying several bass players Michael suggested Robin Everhart who joined the band. The band recorded together from 2006-2009. Scott was introduced to producer Dave Cobb who became a writing partner for the new album. Scott was eager to find the right vocalist and writing partner for the band. He came across Jay Buchanan’s music on MySpace. Michael Miley had previously played with him in his band Buchanan. Scott instantly knew that this was the vocalist he had waited for the past ten to twelve years of his life.

The band re-recorded “Before The Fire” with Jay Buchanan on vocals in 2009.

Prior to the formation of Rival Sons Jay Buchanan performed as a solo artist with his band Buchanan. Rival Sons would be the first rock band that Jay Buchanan has performed with and considering that he was a blues singer songwriter, he was initially sceptical and regarded the band as a side project. He was surprised by the reaction that the band received and the success they achieved with their debut album “Before The Fire” released in 2009.  The band got some exposure when their song “Tell Me Something” was used in an ad campaign for Indy car racing.

The band supported AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Kid Rock and performed on the track during a televised show of the Indianapolis 500.

The band recorded another EP which they released themselves in 2010 catching the attention of Earache Records founder Digby Pearson. The band signed a deal in November 2010 which eventually led to the recording of the album Pressure & Time in 2011.

The EP was re-released digitally by Earache Records and it spawned the band’s debut European single “Torture” in February 2011. In March 2011 the band played shows at the House of Blues, SXSW and Canadian Music Week. The band made their European debut at Camden Barfly on the 12th of February 2011 for the HMV Next Big Thing. Vintage Trouble supported the band and the show sold out in advance, which ignited an almost unbroken string of sold-out European shows.

The band takes pride in the fact that they write and record an album as quickly as their inspiration allows. This ensures that the spontaneity is maintained and that there is risk involved when the material is released. The live recording process that they use is key to their sound and adds an edge to their music.

The band has recorded every record released thus far with Dave Cobb. They released their second album Pressure & Time on the 20th June 2011 in the UK and on the 28th of June 2011 through Earache Records. Pressure & Time went on to be voted as Classic Rock magazine’s second best album of the year reaching number 1 under Amazon’s Best Sellers and charting at Number 19 on the Billboard charts.

Rival Sons played a number of shows in Canada in May 2011, as well as SXSW, Hangout festival, The Viper Room and they went on to play some European festivals such as Azkena, Sonisphere, Rock Werchter, Main Square, Putte Parken and Bospop in July 2011. The band joined Judas Priest, Queensryche and Lady Starlight who was on tour in the UK at the time.

Amy Lee personally requested that Rival Sons support Evanescence in the USA in October/November 2011 and again in January 2012. The band went on to play a headline tour in Europe in November and December 2011.

Rival Sons played an acoustic set at the annual Classic Rock Awards at the Roundhouse in London and they were voted “Best New Band” by the listeners at Planet Rock Radio. Pressure & Time was voted as the second best album of the year by Classic Rock Magazine.

In February 2012 the band entered the Honey Pye studios in Nashville, Tennessee for only 20 days to record their third full-length album along with Dave Cobb and Vance Powell.

Pressure & Time was re-issued as a deluxe edition from which the last single Face of Light was taken. They shot the video for Face of Light before the band embarked on some US and Canadian shows which included Rock on the Range and Big Music Fest before a string of European summer festivals including Rock Am Ring, Sweden Rock, Ruisrock, Bukta, Graspop and Download. Rival Sons played with Evanescence, Eagles of Death Metal and Black Stone Cherry at some European shows.

Rivals Sons released their fourth studio album “Head Down” in September 2012 to critical claim. The album charted in the Top 40 in 7 countries. The band embarked on another sold out European tour, featured on the cover of Classic Rock Magazine and won the Breakthrough artist award presented by Vic Reeves.

In January 2013, the second single “Until The Sun Comes” was released accompanied by a video directed by Simon Gesrel, known for his stop-motion work. In March the band recorded for Billboard The Beat and appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 7th of March 2013 then left on another tour to Europe supported by The Balconies and they then went to the UK in April supported by The Graveltones and Ulysses, culminating in a sold-out show at Shepherds Bush Empire. The band did a small mid-west USA tour before returning to Europe in June to play more summer festivals including Download, Kivenlahti Rock, Bergenfest, Bravalla, Main Square and Open Air St. Gallen. The band also supported Kiss in Italy and Switzerland.

In September of 2013 Rival Sons supported Sammy Hagar across the US, played Hard Rock Vegas in December and celebrated New Year by headlining a street party in their hometown of Long Beach. Robin Everhart left the band in August 2013 due to the rigors of touring and was replaced by Dave Beste.

In early 2014, the band returned to the studio with Dave Cobb producing once more, their latest album “Great Western Valkyrie” was released on the 6th of June 2014.

I’m always looking for new material for my blog, so when a friend of mine in America posted on her Facebook page about Rival Sons I was intrigued. I recognized the name, because I had seen the band on the cover of that month’s Classic Rock Magazine. I decided to give them a listen. I clicked on the link and eventually got redirected to the band’s video for “Open My Eyes” on YouTube. I was NOT disappointed. The guitar work, combined with Jay Buchanan’s passionate wails had me hooked. It is honestly one of the best songs I have heard this past year. Generally this type of rock music is not my cup of tea, but at least I can enjoy some classic rock without feeling like I have time-traveled to 1975. I was a little irritated when I saw all the terrible comments on their videos. The band is constantly being compared to Led Zeppelin and other classic rock bands, which I feel is irrelevant. It is 2014, which means they are continuing a legacy and not merely copying a band which was popular years ago. Their music is uplifting and immediately puts you in a good mood. In 2014 this band is unique and passionate which is all I need to know to appreciate their music. Scott Holiday is a beast with the guitar, by the way. 😉

You can follow the band on Twitter:

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Rock Regards,

Lauren K

This image is the property of the photographer. Source: "David McDonald Photos" Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer.
“David McDonald Photos”
Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer. Source: "David McDonald Photos" Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer.
“David McDonald Photos”
Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer. Source: "David McDonald Photos" Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer.
“David McDonald Photos”
Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

Six Videos You Have To Watch… NOW!

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Recently I had the pleasure of watching a few interesting rock music videos, I just had to share them with my readers.

Enjoy and vote for your favourite video below!

Videos numbered in no particular order.

1. Pop Evil – Trenches ft DMC

pop evil

I just had to share this explosive collaboration between rock band and rapper, quite a combination!


2. Lindsey Stirling – Shatter Me ft Lzzy Hale


Another interesting collaboration between Lindsey Stirling, American violinistdancerperformance artistcomposer and Lzzy Hale lead vocalist for rock band Halestorm. A visual treat which will not disappoint the viewer.

3. Adelitas Way – Dog On A Leash

Adelitas Way will be releasing their third studio album “Stuck” on the 29th of July 2014 and the first single off the album titled “Dog on a Leash”, the band released a video for. It has a creepy, dark feel to it and it is just plain awesome!



4. Of Mice & Men – Would You Still Be There


An adrenaline fueled song accompanied by a perfectly executed concept makes for an explosive video. The shot of the ballerina in the video is pure brilliance, view it below.

5. Black Stone Cherry – Me and My Mary Jane


A sexy music video filled with tons of good-looking women, featuring BSC with their trademark twang, southern rock attitude and enthusiasm. A solid hard rock song which you can dance to.

6. Skillet – Not Gonna Die


An empowering rock song that will make you gather the courage to face the hardships in your life with more conviction than before. A visually stimulating video which will linger in your mind for a while after you have watched it.

Enjoy your week, can’t wait for the weekend!

Rock Regards,

Lauren K


Band of the Month – Black Stone Cherry

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Black Stone Cherry - 13 July 2012 by ~ratherloudSource:

Black Stone Cherry – 13 July 2012 by ~ratherloud

Black Stone Cherry is an American rock band that was formed in Edmonton, Kentucky. The band consists of Chris Robertson (lead singer, lead guitar) , Ben Wells (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Jon Lawhon (bass guitar, backing vocals) and John Fred Young (drums, backing vocals).

Chris Robertson and Richard Young’s (The Kentucky Headhunters‘s rhythm guitarist) son John Fred Young started to play music together in their early teens and the duo were soon after joined by Lawhon and Wells. Black Stone Cherry officially formed on the 4th of June 2001. The band then took over the practice house which had been used by The Kentucky Headhunters since 1968. They started recording their songs in the practice house. The band then started to perform at clubs in the area and gained a large following of fans from all ages.

The band’s self-titled debut album was released in May 2006. After they finished recording their first album they were invited by Chris Robertson’s former school principle to perform a homecoming gig in the gym of the local middle school. The gig was attended by 1500 people. The band received a royal welcome, as they entered the town the streets were filled with people holding “Welcome Home” signs.

They released the Hell & High Water EP (2006, Digital-only EP) on the 11th of November  2006.

It contained the following tracks:

  1. “Hell & High Water”
  2. “Big City Lights”
  3. “We Are the Kings”

On the 10th  of July 2007 the band released the Rain Wizard EP (2007, Digital-only EP). It contained the following tracks:

  1. “Rain Wizard”
  2. “Drinkin’ Champagne”
  3. “Stop Runnin'”

BSC released their first live album on the 31st of October 2007 which was recorded and released on the same night at the Astoria in London. This album is a limited edition and mint condition albums was on sold on Amazon for £200. (in January 2013) The album was limited to 1000 copies and sold to the crowd after the concert.

On the 19th of August 2008 Black Stone Cherry released their second album titled Folklore and Superstition. Four singles from the album was released, these included; “Blind Man”, “Please Come In”, “Things My Father Said” and “Soulcreek”.

Drummer John Fred Young had this to say about Folklore and Superstition; “There is a mystique with folklore and superstition, we’re intrigued by and interested in history, roots and heritage, and we incorporate that into the band.” With the release of their second album Black Stone Cherry demonstrated their incredible talent for telling stories. “We are taking Southern tradition and giving a taste to the rest of the world,” says bassist/vocalist Jon Lawhon.

Famed rock producer Bob Marlette (Ozzy, Shinedown), accompanied by the band headed to Nashville’s Blackbird Studio. The band used turkey calls, a banjo and a washtub basin among other things while they were creating the album. The band was fearless when it came to experimenting with different sounds. The band travelled extensively during their tour cycle in 2006 in support of their debut album. This experience inspired the band to stretch their creativity like they never had before. Black Stone Cherry is a positive band and they try to write uplifting songs.

Vocalist/guitarist Chris Robertson reflects on the process, saying, “Starting out as a band seven years ago, with high hopes and even bigger dreams, I honestly believe this record shows the experience of our past travels, and gives a hint of the future. It captures all the energy and heart that make up Black Stone Cherry. We took some chances on this album and I believe that our fans will appreciate seeing the other sides of the band that they may or may not have known existed.” – Excerpt taken from

Black Stone Cherry was asked by their female fans to write a song or two specifically taking their female fans into account, so the band decided to dedicate “You”,  a timeless ballad to their female followers.

“Long Sleeves” is told from the viewpoint of a friend who who took part in the battle of Mogadishu which was depicted in the film Black Hawk Down.

“Things My Father Said” was covered by Elvis Blue on the final of South African Idols which took place on the 1st of November 2010. Elvis received 64% of the votes and went on to win Season 6 of South African Idols.

In 2008 the band supported Def Leppard and Whitesnake on their U.K. arena tour. In May 2009 Black Stone Cherry supported Nickelback on their Dark Horse tour, which is the reason I started listening to them in the first place. I decided to listen to a few tracks from BSC and I then went to purchase Folklore and Superstition shortly thereafter.

The band’s third album Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea was released on the 31st of May 2011. The album was produced by Howard Benson (Seether, Halestorm, Three Days Grace) and the first single off of the album was titled “White Trash Millionaire“. The band was nominated for a classic rock award in 2011.

Black Stone Cherry supported Alter Bridge alongside Theory of a Deadman on a tour of Europe from October to November 2011. Cavo co-headlined a tour with Black Stone Cherry in February 2012 with Rains as support. The band also headlined their own sold-out U.K. tour supported by Rival Sons. They opened for Chicken Foot on their American tour in 2012.

Black Stone Cherry is a unique, Southern rock band and their song “Soul Creek” conjures up the feeling of sitting next to a dam/river around a bonfire with your friends sharing stories and occasionally going for a swim. Their music makes me feel part of a culture that I have never experienced. The band shares their folk stories with the listener and the music still manages to have a wide appeal even if you’re not familiar with the content. My favourite songs are “Lonely Train” to which I have air drummed to on numerous occasions :D, “Hell and High Water”, “Blind Man”, “Please Come In”, “Long Sleeves”, “White Trash Millionaire” and “Like I Roll”. The drumming in the song “Lonely Train” is astounding.

Black Stone Cherry is definitely one of the most unique bands I have listened to.

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The following photos were taken by Francesco Tosi Photography whose work I’m a big fan of.

The Rock Riff will be reviewing Sinner’s Creed soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Rock Regards,

Lauren K

Recently Viewed Music Videos

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*I do not own any of these videos or the content contained within them. These videos can be viewed on Youtube as well.


First up is Disturbed’s energetic Down With The Sickness, with David Draiman’s signature ‘Ooh-wah-ah-ah-ah’ inserted at the start of the song.

Second is Black Stone Cherry’s Like I Roll. I love the lead singer’s smooth and rounded vocals. The guitarists really enjoy the song as much as the audience does.

Third is Maroon 5’s One More Night video.

Fourth is Slash, Myles Kennedy and Haley Reinhart’s cover of Wild Horses which is AMAZING! Haley and Myles’s voices blend together beautifully. Slash’s guitar skills is the icing on the cake of a touching performance.

Fifth is Halestorm’s feisty Miss The Misery which is a smashing song to say the least.

Sixth is Theory of a Deadman’s Hurricane. I love the storyline of the video which is a slight departure from their usual themes. Check it out!

Seventh is Jared Leto’s tribute to Kurt Cobain for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. The resemblance is quite striking.

Eighth is Shinedown’s Unity featuring a powerful performance by frontman Brent Smith. I love the message of the song as well as seeing the band’s live performance. Keep an eye out for their upcoming music video for Enemies, its going to be a cracker!

Ninth is Hugo’s take on Jay-Z’s 99 Problems which is really impressive.

Last but definitely not least is another Slash & Myles Kennedy video with their cover of Night Train, which I can’t get enough of.

This concludes my list of interesting videos.

A fantastic article that caught my eye this week is from Loudwire.

Top 50 Hard Rock Songs of the 21st Century

Its a really great list, most of my favourite bands are listed as well.

Have a Rocking week!

Rock Regards,