The Fray Concert Review @ Grand Arena in Cape Town

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I had purchased tickets for The Fray in March 2014, so I couldn’t believe how time had flown when the 20th of September 2014 rolled around. It was the first time that I had purchased seated tickets for a show at the Grand Arena and the view wasn’t bad at all. The Golden Circle and general standing sections filled up quite quickly the closer it got to 20h00.

Jeremy Loops kicked off the show in his unique way, a true one man band and excellent multi-tasker I might add. He played all of his singles, which was a real treat. He played “Mission To The Sun (Howling)”, “Down South”, “Power”, “I Wrote This Song For You” and “Skinny Blues”. It was a great performance and he even pulled out a kids toy to create the unique sound effects in one of his songs.

Here is a great video for you to watch if you are not familiar with Jeremy Loops’ music.

We had to wait about 45 – 50 minutes for the band to start, but at least the wait was worth it in the end. The Fray started with a bang, playing “Closer To Me” and “Heartbeat” followed shortly after.  Isaac Slade explained where he wrote the song Heartbeat and it was right here in Cape Town atop Table Mountain! The band was really complementary about South Africa, which the locals really appreciated. Isaac was so enthusiastic that he got down from the stage ran through the Golden Circle crowd right to the passage between Golden Circle and General Standing and made his way back to the stage. It seemed like it was a spontaneous decision which made it all the more exciting. I was really jealous of all the people in that section who got to get up close and personal with Isaac. Here is a great video of the concert posted by Ian Landsberg on YouTube.

The band consists of Isaac Slade (lead vocals, piano), Joe King (Rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Dave Welsh(lead guitar) and Ben Wysocki(drums). Dave Welsh really impressed on the guitar and I was in awe watching him. I never knew that Joe had such a beautiful voice and his performance on “Ungodly Hour” really impressed the audience. Ben looked so at ease and relaxed as if he was playing to an audience of 50 people. It looks like Joe King had a blast in South Africa, just by the looks of his Instagram account! (

The anticipation in the air was palpable as the audience was waiting for the band to start playing “How To Save A Life”, the audience erupted when they heard the first few unmistakable notes.

Here is the set list of the concert:

The Fray Setlist GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, Cape Town, South Africa 2014, Helios Tour

It was a really enjoyable and special night and I never imagined The Fray will come and play for us in South Africa, but I’m really glad that they did!
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