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Evanescence– Photo taken from Evanescence’s Facebook Page

My journey with Evanescence started in 2003 when Fallen was released along with their first single “Bring me to Life” which was featured in the movie Daredevil at the time. The music video for the song played on TV numerous times and I was always glued to the screen when it came on. The name on everyone’s lips was ” Evanescence”. I was asked by a student in my High School Class if I liked Evanescence, I reluctantly said “Yes”. I say reluctantly because everyone was listening to them at the time and I always wanted to try to be different or make up my own mind about current trends.

When “My Immortal” came into the picture I was sold. Amy’s vocals on that song is undeniably fantastic. The beauty of the music video added to the emotion of the song. Amy Lee has a stunning voice coupled with her “gothic/fairy” look was enough to make anyone a fan. I later on acquired the actual album “Fallen” and I couldn’t stop listening to it, it was so different from the music I was used to listening.

The album has meant a lot to me personally since it was about the same time that I met my current boyfriend and we started dating. It was at the height of Evanescence’s popularity and at that time their music was being played everywhere. Soon after, I purchased their live DVD Anywhere But Home. I was fascinated by the theme and the different menus on the DVD. I watched all the bonus footage and I watched the DVD enthusiastically. I should spare a mention for Evanescence’s music videos at that time which was very creative and sometimes creepy. I still love the video for “Going Under” and “Everybody’s Fool“. Evanescence entered my life at a crucial time in my teenage years. I needed something or someone to relate to and Evanescence fulfilled that need.


Cover art for Evanescence’s Debut Album “Fallen”.

Their second album “The Open Door” was released in October 2006. I’m still on the fence about their second album, because every track weren’t as differentiated as the tracks on “Fallen”. Still there are some good songs on their second album, some of my favourites were “All That I’m Living For“, “Good Enough” and “The Only One”. Their second outing was a lot heavier and darker. I’m fond of the album, but personally I prefer their 1st and 3rd album more. I loved the take on Red Riding Hood in the video for “Call Me When You’re Sober” not to mention that guy in the video that played “the wolf”. 🙂

Needless to say I was ecstatic when Amy announced that the band was in the process of writing new material for a new album proposed for release in 2010. I was holding thumbs for Evanescence to reunite, but because of the band’s constant changing lineup I wasn’t sure if it would really happen. It seems that Evanescence has been plagued with uncertainty through the years with lineup changes and their record label facing uncertain times at some point in 2010 which delayed the release of their third album. This is quite a shame, because I believe we would’ve been blessed with more albums if these situations didn’t occur. I was really surprised when I heard “What You Want”. I only heard the chorus and my first impression was that the song sounded more like pop or soft rock. When I later heard the song in its entirety I changed my mind. I was entirely convinced when I heard the whole record that Evanescence was still in fact the Evanescence I knew from 2003. The subject matter being dealt with on their third release is slightly less serious, their sound is “lighter” but they still managed to keep their signature gothic rock sound. Amy Lee’s voice is an octave higher on the whole album than it was on their previous albums. I might be wrong, but to me that is what it sounded like when I was listening to the album. I’m really happy that Amy had the courage and the motivation to release another album after that long hiatus. I hope there will be many more to come!

Evanescence is currently performing at the Carnival of Madness. Evanescence is scheduled to appear on the Carnival of Madness tour with Halestorm, Cavo, New Medicine, and Chevelle. The tour begins on July 31, 2012, at the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield, Illinois, and ends September 2, 2012, at the Buffalo Outer Harbor Site in Buffalo, New York.

Now I will provide you once again with the images of the magnificent Rob Fenn at this years Carnival of Madness. I do not claim to own any of these images.

Copyright by Rob Fenn

Amy Lee from Evanescence at the Carnival of Madness by Rob Fenn Amy Lee from Evanescence at the Carnival of Madness by Rob Fenn

Amy Lee from Evanescence at the Carnival of Madness by Rob FennAmy Lee from Evanescence at the Carnival of Madness by Rob Fenn

Evanescence at the Carnival of Madness by Rob Fenn

Evanescence at the Carnival of Madness by Rob Fenn

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