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Black Veil Brides are an American rock band that is based in Hollywood, California. The group was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio and the group is now composed of Andy Biersack (lead vocals), Ashley Purdy (backing vocals & bass), Jake Pitts (lead guitar), Jinxx (rhythm guitar, violin) , Christian “CC” Coma (drums).

Black Veil Brides have become known for their use of black makeup, long hair, studded clothing which was inspired by bands such as Kiss and  Mötley Crüe’s stage performances. Recently the band seems to have deviated from their original glam metal persona.

Black Veil Brides is a Roman Catholic term used for when a woman marries into the church and gives up all the pleasures of life to devote her life to God. She is then deemed a Black Veil Bride. It relates to the lifestyle of a rock musician, because a musician has to give up many things in life to be able to pursue the dream of becoming a successful musician. The name becomes a dichotomy, because getting married is a happy time in a person’s life, where the opposite of that is attending a loved one’s funeral.

The band was originally formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2006 by Andy Biersack. Black Veil Brides went through a number of lineup changes while they gained attention from labels with two EPs, releasing Sex & Hollywood in 2007 and Never Give In in 2008. Andy eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California and in September 2009 he formed a new band. Black Veil Brides signed to independent label StandBy Records. The band immediately started the writing process for the new tour and record. BVB embarked on their first US tour titled “Leather Wings” in December 2009.

The group’s debut album “We Stitch These Wounds” was released on the 20th of July 2010 and it sold over 10,000 copies in its first week, ranking at number 36 on Billboard Top 200 chart and No. 1 on the Billboard Independent chart. Black Veil Brides went on tour with bands The Birthday Massacre, Dommin and Aural Vampire.

Black Veil Brides caught the eye of Lava Records president Jason Flom when he heard the buzz that was building around the band. Flom then made a deal with Neil Sheehan, founder of StandBy Records, to sign the band over to Lava.

Black Veil Brides supported the Murderdolls during “God Save The Scream Tour” 2011 and toured America on the AP Tour from March 18 to May 6.  The band continued on to the Vans Warped Tour which kicked off on the 24th June 2011 and ended on the 14th August 2011. Unfortunately on the 18th of June Andy fell from a pillar and broke his ribs which caused the band to miss the first week of the tour. Black Veil Brides performed at the Download Festival in the UK, Bamboozle and at the Rock Am Ring Festival in Germany in June 2011. On the 20th of April Black Veil Brides won  Revolver Magazine‘s Golden Gods Award for Best New Artist, the title for Kerrang!‘s Best Newcomers, and were nominated for the title of Kerrang!’s Best International Newcomer.

The band’s second studio album, “Set The World On Fire” released on the 14th of June 2011 through Lava Music/Universal. The title track featured in the movie Transformers:Dark of the Moon. The album’s lead single was “Fallen Angels”, the second single was “The Legacy” and their third single was “Rebel Love Song”. “The Legacy” was filmed by Patrick Fogarty and “Rebel Love Song” was directed by Patrick Fogarty. On the 25th of October the band announced that they had to cancel their tour dates, it was later revealed that the reason for their cancellation was due to the fact that Andy broke his nose on the drum set rising platform during a performance. Despite the injury Andy persevered even though fans noticed that he was having difficulty breathing and speaking, he finished the show regardless. After a visit to the Doctor, Andy was advised to take some time out to heal properly. The band would be back to tour for the start of the Buried Alive tour with Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria and Hollywood Undead.

It was announced by Andy on his Twitter profile that the band would be releasing an EP. Three trailers were released to tease the release of the EP. Rebels is the first EP by Black Veil Brides and was released exclusively through iTunes on the 13th of December 2011. The EP consists of three tracks namely “Coffin” which was left over from the band’s earlier album “Set The World On Fire”. The other two tracks are covers of Billy Idol’s song “Rebel Yell” and Kiss’ “Unholy” featuring a Zakk Wylde playing a guitar solo. The EP also has a director’s cut of the music video for “Rebel Love Song”.

A song from the band titled “Unbroken” appeared on the soundtrack to the movie The Avengers on the 1st of May 2012 and is the only track from BVB to appear on a compilation album. On the 13th of June 2012 the music video for “Coffin” from Rebels EP was released.

Regarding the band’s third album guitarists Jinxx and Jake told Chris Droney in an interview for Glasswerk National that the band is constantly writing new music and that they were planning on recording their next major full-length album in April 2012. On the 2nd of May 2012 the band confirmed that they will start recording their new album which would be released on the 30th of October 2012. The band had written 20 to 25 songs which they had to narrow down. The release date of the album was pushed back October 30, 2012 to the 8th January 2013. On the 8th of October the album cover art and title was revealed – Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones. The lead single “In The End” was featured as one of the theme songs for WWE’s Hell in a Cell. On the 31st of October 2012 a trailer was revealed indicating that Black Veil Brides was to release a full-length film titled Legion of the Black in 2013 in select theaters. Wretched and Divine is a concept album and the film is a visual depiction of the story within the album. The movie was screened at The Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles, California on December 21–23, 2012. Andy Biersack appeared at the showing to surprise delighted fans. Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones peaked at number 7 on the BillboardTop 200.

Black Veil Brides played on the Warped Tour from June–August 2013. On the 11th of June 2013 Black Veil Brides released the Wretched and Divine: Ultimate Edition which featured three unreleased songs “Revelation”, “Victory Call” and “Let You Down” along with the Legion of the Black DVD included. The band won in 20 categories in the 2013 Alternative Press Readers Poll.

On the 30th of May 2014 Alternative Press revealed that a new album will be released on the 28th of October 2014 and that it will be a follow-up to Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones. In July 2014, Black Veil Brides announced availability of pre-orders for their new album, titled Black Veil Brides IV, on PledgeMusic. In August the band announced to fans that the band will be headlining in America with support acts consisting of Falling In Reverse, Set It Off and Drama Club throughout October and November and called the tour “The Black Mass”. The first single was “Heart of Fire” and it debuted on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show on the 7th of September 2014 and later in the week another song  called “Faithless” appeared on YouTube. The music video for “Heart of Fire” released the 6th of October 2014 and a video for the song “Goodbye Agony” appeared on YouTube on the 31st October 2014. Short clips of each new song was uploaded on a daily basis from the 18th of October 2014 – 27th of October 2014 on their YouTube channel.

I was drawn to Black Veil Brides when I saw a preview of their video for “Goodbye Agony”, I admire the creativity and artistry that the band portrays. The band seem to share a tight bond and they are very determined to achieve their goals. Their earlier stage persona with the dramatic make-up and black outfits reminded me of characters from a Final Fantasy video game or a Manga/Anime novel, which immediately grabbed my attention. They have a very dedicated fan base which has won the band numerous awards. This is a band that know what they want and will work hard to get it. They are the cheerleaders for the underdogs and for people that feel/are different. They spread a positive message to their fans to never underestimate yourself.

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Photographer: Ian Irizarry Credits to the owner Source: Black Veil Brides 3 by iancinerate

Photographer: Ian Irizarry
Credits to the owner
Black Veil Brides 3
by iancinerate

Credits to the owner Source: Photographer: Kerrang! Tour: Black Veil Brides by Kagoe

Credits to the owner
Photographer: Kerrang! Tour: Black Veil Brides by Kagoe

Credits to the owner Source: Photographer: Black Veil Brides by FireFromTheSky54

Credits to the owner
Photographer: Black Veil Brides
by FireFromTheSky54

Top 14 Rock Songs of 2014

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2014 Highlights

2014 Highlights

So it’s that time of the year again where The Rock Riff choose the best rock songs of the year. I really like compiling the list of songs, because it is a nice way of reflecting on the year that has been. Last year I had difficulty choosing the last few entries on the list, but this year there was an abundance of choices. It was difficult to choose only 14 songs from the past year.

The list is as follows:

Number 14: Set Me On Fire – Flyleaf

Flyleaf has received some backlash regarding comparisons between the band’s ex-vocalist (Lacey Sturm) and current vocalist, Kristen May. This track proves that Kristen May is a very talented vocalist and I believe essentially the material is still representative of Flyleaf’s sound. Flyleaf’s latest album “Between The Stars” is a solid offering from the band.

Number 13: Painkiller – Three Days Grace

Another band who has had to replace their lead vocalist is Three Days Grace after Adam Gontier’s departure. No one could ever really replace Adam, but Matt Walst is a pretty decent replacement considering the success the band has experienced thus far. I had a difficult choice to make between “Painkiller” and “I Am Machine”. The band is still delivering hard-hitting material and they have not lost their momentum.

Number 12: Let The Night In – Prime Circle

I will probably never forget the moment that I heard this song live for the first time. It had a great impact on me and it was the opening track of the concert. Prime Circle hails from South Africa and has made a solid mark on the rock industry in their home country the past few years. Their latest album has a fresh feel to it and I think this song is the reason for the overall feel of the album.

Number 11: 1000hp – Godsmack

When Godsmack decides to do anything they go full-out. I really love the pace of this song and it really gets the adrenaline pumping! There are certain types of songs only this band can pull off properly and 1000hp is one of them.

Number 10: Would You Still Be There – Of Mice & Men

I was really pleasantly surprised by this song and video. Personally I’m not a fan of screaming, but this song combined both clean vocals by Aaron Pauley and screaming/unclean vocals by Austin Carlisle to a degree that I could really enjoy the song. I think this song proves that a band can be creative while still retaining credibility within the industry and with their fans.

Number 9: Words As Weapons – Seether

Seether seem to be one of the most consistent rock bands in recent history and they did not disappoint with their latest release “Isolate and Medicate”. Words As Weapons is an artistic take on deceit in our daily lives and it is one of those songs you will be humming along to in your head long after you have listened to it.

Number 8: Drown – Theory of a Deadman

Theory of a Deadman has really delivered a solid rock album with the release of “Savages” this year. The album offers a diverse range of songs that really proves that the band is not set in their ways. Production has improved and lyrically the content covers a vast array of topics.

Number 7: Heaven Knows – The Pretty Reckless

With a devil-may-care attitude Taylor Momsen serves up an in-your-face rock song with a chorus to match. Accompanied by a somewhat controversial music video, this band knows how to grab your attention. A stellar performance indeed.

Number 6: Dog on a Leash – Adelitas Way

A hard-hitting, edgy rock song, the first single from the band’s latest album “Stuck”. A visually appealing music video accompanied its release and Rick DeJesus vocals are spot-on as always.

Number 5: Million Miles An Hour – Nickelback

Nickelback has always been masters of storytelling and this song really takes the listener on a trip. 😉 The chord progression, guitars and drums combine to deliver a perfectly brewed rock song.

Number 4: Heart of Fire – Black Veil Brides

Believe it or not, but I only started listening or paying attention to this band this year. I was pleasantly surprised by the songs that I heard. The one that stood out to me, though is “Heart of Fire” the song has a really epic feel to it. The melody and chorus take it to another level. “Heart of Fire” would definitely fit in seamlessly on a movie soundtrack.

Number 3: F.E.A.R – Papa Roach

Papa Roach is back! F.E.A.R (Face Everything And Rise) is one of the singles released from their latest album of the same name. The production on this song is great and it delivers a good message in an aggressive manner which creates a unique contrast between the style of the song and it’s subject. The music video plays like a short film and it is fantastic, check it out below.

Number 2: Open My Eyes – Rival Sons

I had to feature this song, because it really took me by surprise this year. A friend mentioned the band on Facebook and I decided to give them a listen. This song was my favourite and it is a rare song to feature in today’s modern music industry. I really enjoyed listening to a different type of rock song. Scott Holiday’s guitar work is impeccable.

NUMBER 1: Avalon – Slash ft Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

When “Avalon” grabs you it doesn’t let go! From Slash’s latest album “World on Fire”, this is one of Myles’s stand-out performances on the album (and that is saying something). The fast-pace of this song is infectious. This song automatically puts you in a great mood…FACT!

Thank you for sharing the countdown with us and may 2015 be an even better year for rock music.

Rock Regards,

Lauren K