Best 15 Rock Songs of 2015


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The year 2015 had a lot of amazing rock music moments. When I started to compile this list it was easier than it has ever been before!

Please take some time to appreciate the talented musicians featured here:


Number 15: In This Moment – “Sex Metal Barbie”


In This Moment have their own unique style and niche fan base. The song discusses the prejudice that women in the hard rock/metal music industry face. Maria Brink displays her flair and tenacity in this unique video.


Number 14: Apocalyptica – “Cold Blood”


Franky Perez joined Apocalyptica in 2014 as a touring member, but I think his voice compliments the band  perfectly. “Cold Blood” delivers a visual feast combined with excellent instrumentalists. A rock performance with class.


Number 13: Trivium – “Silence In The Snow”


Silence In The Snow hits the ground running and Matt Heafy’s vocal delivery on this track is impeccable not to mention the mesmerizing video the band released.

Number 12: Breaking Benjamin – “Angels Fall”


Breaking Benjamin released an enchanting ballad and personally a song that I don’t think many rock fans will tire of.


Number 11: We Are Harlot – “Dancing On Nails”


In 2015 the metal world lost a talented vocalist and the rock industry gained a fantastic new band “We Are Harlot” with charismatic vocalist Danny Worsnop. I had this video on repeat for weeks after I heard it for the first time. It is a great song to introduce the band to a new fan base and it makes you forget your inhibitions.


Number 10: The Fuel – “Revolution”


The Fuel got signed to Record Label Suburban Records on the 8th of December 2015. I love discovering new bands that are relatively unknown and delivers quality production and songs I can sink my teeth into. The Fuel is one of those bands and one of my greatest discoveries this year. “Revolution” is a fantastic song and I can’t help lip-syncing every time I hear it!

Check out their Band of the Month feature on The Rock Riff here:


Number 9: Highly Suspect – “Lydia”


This song was nominated for the 58th Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song and after the song peaked at Number 4 on the US Mainstream Rock Songs chart I think we all know that this song has made a major impact on 2015. A great rock song that builds anticipation with a unique arrangement and the vocalist’s voice becomes more urgent as the song progresses.



Number 8: Halestorm – “I Am The Fire”

I had a difficult decision to make when I wanted to make a choice between “Amen” and “I Am The Fire” by Halestorm. The reason I chose “I Am The Fire” is in part due to the escalating notes that Lzzy sings at 2:45 in the video. My jaw just dropped when I first heard that part. We all know that  Lzzy can sing, but she just took it to another level. The band creates a fantastic ebb and flow along with Lzzy’s vocals on this track.


Number 7: Bullet For My Valentine – “Venom”

The band’s new material took me by surprise, because I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. A rock song that everyone can relate to about removing toxic people in your life and having no regrets.




Number 6: Nothing More – “Jenny”

This song didn’t strike me at first, but after I learned the story behind the song I was hooked. The song is very personal to lead vocalist Jonny Hawkins about his aunt “Jenny” who has schizophrenia and his sister Jenna who has bipolar disorder. The band partnered with many organisations to bring awareness to people suffering from mental illness. The band partnered with the following organisations:

To Write Love on Her Arms –
The Jed Foundation –
Bring Change 2 Mind –
International Bipolar Foundation –
Young Minds –


Number 5: Papa Roach – “Gravity” ft Maria Brink

The style and variety in this song is appealing. Jacoby depicts his vulnerability in the song’s lyrics. Having Maria Brink from In This Moment perform on this track adds another dimension to the song and I feel it makes the song more relatable. I’m in love with the music video, it matches the title of the song as it adds a surreal quality to the track.


Number 4: Pop Evil – “Footsteps (Go Higher)”

An inspiring and unique offering from Pop Evil for their fifth studio album. I love the pop art/comic book look of the video and it is executed flawlessly. A song that you will be singing for the rest of the day! 😀


Number 3: Bring Me The Horizon – “Throne”

An epic stadium-sized rock song. I can just imagine the audience going crazy when this song is being performed live. An empowering, electronic lyrical force that will make you believe the sky’s the limit. Prepare to hit the replay button!


Number 2: Disturbed – “The Sound of Silence”

I was flabbergasted when I heard this song for the first time. I couldn’t believe that David Draiman was singing, I have never heard him sing like he did on this track. A cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” was the last cover that I expected Disturbed to do. This song will definitely gain Disturbed a new fan base. I have witnessed friends on Facebook share this song and I know they don’t listen to rock/metal music. The art direction for the music video is superb and the viewers can get ready for some serious goosebumps. Enjoy!


NUMBER 1: Shinedown – “Cut The Cord”

I was super excited when Shinedown finally made their come back after two years of near silence from the band. Their fifth album “Threat To Survival” made its arrival on the 18th of September 2015. The lead single from the album “Cut The Cord” released on the 29th of June 2015. The song not surprisingly reached No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. The song has a positive message that encourages people to let go of whatever is holding them back and a reminder to all that we control our own destiny. This song pull no punches and the video reiterates that sentiment. The band’s performance allows the viewer to appreciate their chemistry and makes you feel as if you have stepped into their private rehearsal space.


Here is to 2016 and may there be many more quality rock moments!

Rock Regards,


Lauren K


Band of the Month – Nothing More

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Credits to Joshua from Stand Up Alone Productions Source:

Nothing More is an American band from San Antonio, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. The band consists of Jonny Hawkins (lead vocals, drums), Daniel Oliver (bass, backing vocals), Mark Vollelunga (guitar, backing vocals), Paul O’Brien (drums (live performances).

Signed to Eleven Seven Music, the band has released six studio albums to date, including their self-titled major label debut released in 2014. The lead single from that album titled “This is the Time (Ballast)” hit number one on the Mediabase Active Rock and number 2 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

The band released their first studio album called “Shelter” in 2004 under their own label, their second studio album was titled “Madhatter’s Bliss” in 2005, their third album called “Vandura” released in 2006, another album which would be their fourth release “Save You/Save Me” was released under the label Vestia Entertainment on the 5th of January 2007. Nothing More released their fifth studio album under the same label on the 21st of February 2009 was named “The Few Not Fleeting”. Nothing More originally released their self-titled album on the 1st of March 2013 under their own label. Eleven Seven Music re-released the album on the 24th of June 2014.

No one can accuse this band for not being devoted to their careers, when they first started they branded themselves on the arm after each year of touring and it serves as a reminder of the commitment they made to one another. Initially the band formed in Middle School with aspirations as serious as they are now. The band’s early development started as a mixture of boredom against a suburban backdrop and a rabid musical obsession. The moment of truth came when the band had to choose between a career in music or going to college. Everyone advised them to continue studying according to Jonny Hawkins, but they didn’t want to settle and dream of what would’ve been. The band didn’t want to have a plan B and they decided to ignore everyone’s advice and to dedicate themselves to music.

Nothing More decided to take matters into their own hands and fixed up a derelict , raccoon infested RV to make their own stage rigs for their intense live shows. Their first few tours were formative and crucial to the band’s growth and philosophical outlook of the world. Jonny Hawkins believes that this period of growth was a real struggle for the band individually and collectively. These experiences allowed the band to be more open to other ideas and to have faith in their own instincts.

Nothing More bring raw aggression to their live performances and they will push the limits of what you thought a rock band is supposed to be. The band is not concerned with how or where they fit in within the music industry and they are more concerned about making honest, passionate art.

The band put in some really hard work during the early years on an independent level which Jonny believes helped them problem solve, because they didn’t have access to a lot of resources when they started out. The band’s recent success have helped changed their perspective about people and how music can connect to the similarities in all humans regardless where they are from.

The band has teamed with such organizations as To Write Love on Her Arms, Bring Change 2 Mind, the International Bipolar Foundation, The Jed Foundation and Young Minds (UK) to help start the discussion on mental illness and hopefully help those suffering to seek out the help they need.

Nothing More penned their latest single “Jenny” about Jonny’s sister who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Jonny told Loudwire in an interview that the story of “Jenny” is an ongoing struggle that him and his family have to deal with. He confesses that it is one of the most confusing situations that he has had to navigate in his life.

The fact that the subject matter is so close to Jonny, made him decide to take on directing duties for the band’s latest video which depicts a woman dealing with the demons of her affliction and the video ends with some shocking statistics about mental illness and contact information for organizations that deal with specific mental health issues.

The band launched a PledgeMusic Campaign for their charity partners, opening an online forum for fans to share their stories with others about either dealing with mental illness themselves or having a family member or close friend with a similar story. Nothing More are calling their next tour the “Jenny” tour where proceeds from VIP ticketing will be distributed among the band’s charitable partners.

The first verse in this song “Jenny” completely took me off guard and I was totally mesmerized by this song from that moment on. At the time I knew nothing about the subject matter that inspired the song.

View the video here:

Nothing More is a band that pour all of their energy, angst, aggression and determination into every performance and that is a band I’m proud to support. There is something about scratching and clawing your way to success that make you appreciate it when you get there, no matter how famous or successful you become. A true test of a band is when they become profitable. The band can choose to continue to work even harder to make great music or rest on their laurels. I’m happy to say that Nothing More didn’t choose the latter.

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Rock Regards,

Lauren K

A HUGE shout-out to Stand Up Alone Productions for allowing me to use their photographs for this blog post!!

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions Source:

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions Source:

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions Source:

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions Source:

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions Source:

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions Source:

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions Source:

Credits to Joshua from StandAlone Productions