5 GREAT Cover Songs by Rock Musicians

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I love listening to great covers of great songs, but hearing it being performed by a rock band that I like is fantastic. Bands do cover songs for various reasons, to prove to their fans that they are versatile, for marketing purposes, to show their talent or to appeal to a different fan base. Whichever the reason I know I’m always interested to see what a band will be able to do with a popular song or a song that is in another genre. It lets the fans see the band in a new light and it captivates fans of other genres of music.

In no particular order here are 5 of my favourite cover songs that I would like to share with my readers.

Number 1 : 30 Seconds To Mars – Where The Streets Have No Name orginally by U2

Jared Leto really impressed me with the quality of his voice on this song and the elegant way in which the band performed the song. I get goosebumps every time I listen to their version. One of my favourite cover songs for sure!



Number 2: Smith & Myers – Someone Like You originally by Adele

Smith & Myers, vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Shinedown did a variety of cover songs for their fans that are available on iTunes, but this is my favourite one as I was wondering where they would go with a song as big as Adele’s Someone Like You. It’s really interesting to hear the male vocal on this song in particular and they made it their own which is quite difficult to do with such an iconic song.



Number 3: Halestorm – Get Lucky originally by Daft Punk

When such a radio-freindly mainstream song gets a makeover it is really refreshing.I love the rock version of Get Lucky. Its gives the song new life. Halestorm have released EPs featuring some great covers, but this one stood out to me, because it was in a genre far-removed from what the band normally does.


Number 4: Device ft Lzzy Hale – Close My Eyes Forever originally by Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford

What an intimidating song to cover, but no need to worry it was absolutely effortless for David Draiman and Lzzy Hale. They didn’t just do the song justice they dominated it. The combination of Lzzy and David’s voices are impeccable and so is the production of the song.



Number 5: Santana ft Chris Daughtry – Photograph originally by Def Leppard

In my opinion Chris injects some vigour into the song which some might consider as a classic song that is better left untouched. I truly enjoy the combination of Santana’s flawless guitar solos and Chris’s powerful, belting voice. To me this version catapulted the song into the 21st century.


Have your say below, which cover song featured here is your favourite?


Have a fantastic week!

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Lauren K



Band of the Month – Device

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David Draiman captured by the talented Mr Rob Fenn during his performance with Lzzy Hale at the Golden God Awards.

David Draiman captured by the talented Mr Rob Fenn during his performance with Lzzy Hale at the Golden God Awards.

Source: http://www.metalinjection.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Device-David-Draimans-new-band-604x406.jpg


As Disturbed entered their hiatus in late 2011, the lead singer of the band David Draiman announced a new side project called Device in May of 2012. He subsequently revealed that Geno Lenardo will be working with him. From the start David Draiman made the direction the project very clear. He stated that Device will have an electronic sound combined with industrial metal comparing it to Nine Inch Nails’ and Ministry’s sound.

The idea for the band was born when Geno Lenardo approached David Draiman about writing a song for the Underworld soundtrack for the latest Underworld film that was going to be released. Together they created a powerful song and the partnership came very easily for both. Due to circumstances beyond their control the song never became part of the soundtrack for the film. David suggested that they hold on to the material and continue writing songs, soon they had a whole album’s worth of content. Together they created a sound that was unique to Device and what David dubbed as futuristic rock.

Their first single “Vilify” is very personal to David, because the lyrics refer to the skewed perception that the “haters” and people in general have of him. David Draiman called upon his many friends in the music business and created a dark, enchanting album that will plague your mind for hours after you’ve listened to it. Black Sabbath’s bassist Geezer Butler joins the trio on “Out of Line”while Serj Tankian added his vibrant vocal melodies. Tom Morello’s guitar wizardry casted a spell over “Opinion”, which is by far my favourite song on the album. Avenged Sevenfold’s frontman M. Shadows adds his signature wail to “Haze”, Glenn Hughes adds to a hauntingly beautiful song called “Through It All” which was dedicated to David’s stunning wife Lena. Rock chick Lzzy Hale showed off her impressive vocal chords on a cover of Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford‘s song “Close My Eyes Forever” which shows off another side to David’s voice.

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the album, because I didn’t know what to expect. I really liked “Vilify”, so I decided to buy the album after I listened to David Draiman and Lzzy Hale’s rendition of “Close My Eyes Forever”. The music is heavy, but feels fresh and I believe the reason for that is the electronic sound that has been incorporated. The use of technology on this album adds a new dimension to the music. The lyrical content reflects upon our responsibility as human beings, our behaviour and the effect that has on our environment.

The band entered the studio at the beginning of June of 2012 and by the 6th of June vocal demos had already been completed for 5 songs. Device’s debut album was released on the 9th of April 2013. Their first single “Vilify” was released on the 18th of February along with a fantastic music video featuring David Draiman’s wife, Lena (Yada) Draiman. David Draiman married Lena on the 25th of September 2011 and the couple are currently expecting their first child!

You can follow Device on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/DEVICETHEBAND

You can follow David Draiman on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DAVIDMDRAIMAN

You can follow Virus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreTheVirus

You can follow Will Hunt on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WillFnHunt

Rock Regards,

Lauren K

Credits to Chad Lee Photography

Credits to Chad Lee Photography

Band of the Month – In This Moment

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In This Moment is a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Maria Brink along with guitarist Chris Howorth formed the band in 2005. In August 2005 Maria Brink and Chris Howorth met through common friends. They soon realised that they shared some common interests and they began writing songs together. They later recruited drummer Jeff Fabb and the band was named Dying Star. Unhappy with the direction their music took, they changed their name to In This Moment and the band gained two new members guitarist Blake Bunzel and bassist Josh Newell. The band recorded some demos and decided to post them on MySpace. Close to the end of 2005 Josh Newell left the band to focus on his other project Ketaset and he was replaced with producer Pascual Romero who was replaced with a friend of the band, Jesse Landry shortly afterwards. Rob “Blasko” Nicholson (Bassist for Ozzy Osbourne’s band) became the band’s manager after discovering them through MySpace.

By the end of 2005 In This Moment had generated a fan base through internet-marketing and DIY touring. They sparked Century Media Records‘ interest and the band gained a worldwide record deal.

Jesse Landry was replaced in 2009 with Kyle Konkiel and Kyle’s place was taken by Travis Johnson in 2010. Jeff Fabb and Blake Bunzel left the band in 2011 and Tom Hane and Randy Weitzel took their place.

In This Moment’s debut album “Beautiful Tragedy” was released on the 20th March 2007 and delivered the singles “Prayers” and the title track “Beautiful Tragedy”. Their debut album was produced by Eric Rachel and it joined sounds of metalcore and hard rock. To support the album the band performed on several tours including “The Hottest Chicks In Metal Tour 2007“, Ozzfest, Megadeth, Rob Zombie and the Ozzy Osbourne tour. They recorded a cover of Lacuna Coil’s Heaven’s A Lie with the band Manntis as a part of Century Media Records’s Covering 20 Years of Extreme cover album.

Their second album “The Dream” was released on the 30th September 2008.  “The Dream” debuted at number 73 on the Billboard 200 chart. “The Dream” was produced by Kevin Churko and the album took a less heavy approach. Forever was the first single released off of their second album. A cover of Blondie’s Call Me was released as the album’s second single. The cover is available on a special edition, titled The Dream: Ultraviolet Edition to coincide with Warped Tour, which included unreleased tracks and acoustic performances. In This Moment embarked on their first headlining tour titled A Winter to Remember Tour.

Maria Brink revealed the title of the band’s third album “A Star-Crossed Wasteland” on her website in February of 2010. The album was released on the 13th of July 2010. The album’s first single “The Gun Show” was released on iTunes on the 1st of June 2010. The album sold 10, 500 copies and the album debuted at number 40. On the 24th of September 2010 In This Moment released a video for their song “The Promise” shot and directed by David Brodsky.

Maria Brink was named the Hottest Chick in Metal at The Golden God Awards in April 2010.

In May of 2011 In This Moment announced that they were working on a new album due for a 2012 release. The band’s two founding members were not scheduled to be part of the recording due to the fact that they started working with James Durbin from September 2011. Later in 2012 the band supported Shinedown and Papa Roach on their US headlining tour along with Mindset Evolution. In This Moment was the supporting act for  Halestorm from November 8 to the 14th of December 2012.

Their fourth album “Blood” was released on the 14th of August 2012 and debuted at number 15. With the recording of their fourth album Maria has been quoted as saying that she has let go of the fear that constricted creatively. Through the creation of “Blood” Maria decided to disregard other people’s opinions about their music. There will always be people who either love it or hate it. They have performed at several notable tours and festivals namely, Ozzfest (2007, 2008), Warped Tour(2009) , Download Festival (2009), Mayhem Festival (2010), Music as a Weapon V (2011), Uproar Festival (2012) and they are set to play the Download Festival in 2013 as well. The band has tours lined up for March, April, May and June of 2013 with possible headlining tours in August and July.

I heard about In This Moment from a link that Brent Smith (lead singer from Shinedown) tweeted. The link led to In This Moment’s video for “Blood”. At first I hated the song and closed the video halfway through. Shinedown kept sharing photos and news about In This Moment and their tour together. I decided to watch the video again and the more I listened to the song the more I liked it. Later on I listened to it about 5 times a day. I couldn’t get enough of the power and energy that I experienced through their music. Its loud in your face and addictive. Maria is unique and she creates a great contrast to the other band members. I love to expext the unexpected from Maria. She is one of a kind and I always look forward to In This Moment’s music videos. I adore their latest single and music video “Adrenalize Me”. The song is sexy, energetic and features a great guitar solo.

I can’t wait to see what In This Moment will come up with next!

Rock Regards,

Lauren K

You can follow In This Moment on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialITM

Maria Brink - 05.09.2012by =sarahdope Source: http://sarahdope.deviantart.com/art/Maria-Brink-05-09-2012-301373438

Maria Brink – 05.09.2012by =sarahdope
Source: http://sarahdope.deviantart.com/art/Maria-Brink-05-09-2012-301373438

Frontman of the Week – James Hetfield

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Yesterday South African rock fans were ecstatic to learn that Metallica will be performing for them in April 2013 and will visit the country for a second time, so to celebrate I just had to feature one of heavy metal’s most iconic lead singers this week.

James Hetfield was born on the 3rd of August 1963, he was the son of Cynthia (a light opera singer) and Vergil (a truck driver). Both of his parents were very strict Christian Scientists, they did not believe in using medicine or any other medical treatment. His parents divorced in 1976, James has two older half-brothers from his mother’s first marriage and one younger sister. Cynthia remained loyal to her faith even when she was suffering with cancer, she died of cancer in 1979 when James was just 16 years old. Metallica’s song “The God That Failed” was based on the death of James’s mother who believed that her faith in God alone would save her. After the death of his mother James went to live with his older half-brother David. James’s father Virgil died in 1996.

James’s interest in music was apparent from an early age, at the age of 9 he started taking piano lessons then he moved on to David’s drums and at the age of 14 he started playing guitar. As a teenager he was part of a few bands such as Leather Charm and Obsession. When asked to single out his main musical influence , James singled out Aerosmith as his inspiration for becoming a guitarist. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent and Deep Purple contributed to his love for music and served as powerful motivators for his own career as a musician.

In the early days of the band Metallica experimented with a few different vocal and guitar combinations and eventually settled on the line-up as follows: James Hetfield on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Lars Ulrich on the drums, Dave Mustaine as the lead guitarist and Ron McGovney on bass guitar who was later replaced by Cliff Burton.

A frequent occurence in rock/ heavy metal bands is alcohol abuse and Metallica was no exception, from 1982 to 1983 Dave Mustaine’s alcoholism became the topic of heated debate and altercations between James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine. On the 1st of April 1983 the band decided to recruit a replacement for Dave Mustaine and decided to replace him with Kirk Hammett from the band Exodus. Ten days later Lars and James officially ejected Dave Mustaine due to his alcoholic tendencies. Dave Mustaine had to make his way home on a 4-day bus journey and he eventually formed the heavy metal band Megadeath. Dave Mustaine later came to wonder why his band members didn’t send him to rehab, but the other band members also drank heavily, although Dave’s alcoholism tended to be of a more aggressive nature.

James Hetfield writes the majority of the guitar harmonies, as well as the lyrics, vocal melodies and he co-arranges the songs with Ulrich. Metallica’s 1991 hit Enter the Sandman was inspired by fears and nightmares James Hetfield experienced as a child. Another 1991 hit Nothing Else Matters James wrote as a personal song, never intending for it to be recorded and released to the public, but Lars Ulrich convinced him to use it for a Metallica song, much to the delight of their fans.

Unfortunately James has been involved in quite a few onstage accidents, most notably an incident with pyrotechnics at the Olympic stadium in Montreal during the Guns ‘n Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour on the 8th of August 1992. James was the victim of a severe pyrotechnic accident during the song Fade to Black when a pyrotechnic exploded. Luckily James’s guitar protected him from the full force of the explosion, however the fire engulfed the left side of his body burning his hand, arm, eyebrows, face and hair. He suffered second and third-degree burns, but was surprisingly back on stage 17 days later, although his guitar duties was passed on to John Marshall for four weeks until he made a full recovery. It must have been frightening for the fans who witnessed the infamous incident in 1992, being helpless while their favourite lead vocalist was being engulfed in flames.

James broke his arm numerous times while skateboarding which caused James’s management company at the time forbidding him from riding a skateboard while Metallica was on tour. While performing a cover of the Anti-Nowhere song “So What?” James experienced vocal complications which forced him to take vocal lessons for the first time in his life. He did basic warm-up exercises to piano keys with his vocal coach and the vocal coach gave him the tape to keep for future use, remarkably James still uses the same tape before any live performances or recordings Metallica does.

While recording Metallica’s eigth studio album St.Anger in 2001, James decided to enter rehab in order to treat his alcohol addiction. After seven months in rehab and four months recovering at home with his family James was ready to rejoin his band. James is now clean and sober, determined to remain so for the rest of his life. I really commend James for the effort he made to become sober, because the industry may sometimes support the addiction more than sobriety. Touring and the pressures of the music industry can foster and aggravate addiction to harmful substances, so kudos to James.

Some Kind of Monster is a documentary film which depicts many of Metallica’s studio rehearsals and concert footage while they were recording their album St.Anger in 2003. The film also documents many of the conflicts and issues the band were facing at the time including the departure of Jason Newsted, alcoholism, family commitments and the future of Metallica.

Metallica needed a new bass player and recruited Ozzy Osbourne’s bassist Robert Trujillo and surprisingly Ozzy Osbourne recruited Jason Newsted into his band. Metallica’s ninth studio album Death Magnetic reached number 1 on the Billboard charts in over 30 countries during its first week of release just like every album of original material Metallica has released since Death Magnetic. This is quite a remarkable achievement considering that Metallica is categorized as a heavy metal band.

On the 4th of April 2009 James Hetfield, current band members along with any other musician that appeared on Metallica’s albums was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

James Hetfield aside from his career is most happiest spending time with his wife Francesca (former costumer for his band and hails from Argentina) and their three children Cali, Castor and Marcella. James and Francesca married on the 17th of August 1997, which means they have been married for the past 15 years, which I believe is quite commendable considering the challenges they have faced. James stated that his wife helped him mature and helped him to learn to deal with his anger issues more constructively, explaining that after they met, his destructive tendencies and behaviour embarrassed both of them.

James loves outdoor activities which include hunting (he is a member of The National Rifle Association), snowboarding, skateboarding, water and jet-skiing, sketching and working in his garage customizing cars and motorcycles. He collects vintage cars, particularly those from the year 1963 and he enjoys working on classic automobiles.

I think James’s childhood upbringing and anger issues has made him a unique and honest musician. He pours all his anger and aggression into his songs and lyrics. James has a raw quality to his voice and he makes you feel his pain through his music as well as his passion for his career.

You can follow Metallica on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Metallica

For my fellow South Africans, if you need more details concerning Metallica’s tour you can take a look here:


Rock Regards,

Lauren K

Metallica live at The O2 Arena, London, England

English: James Hetfield performing live with M...

James Hetfield performing live with Metallica at Birmingham in 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)