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Beartooth – You Never Know

This band is intense, there is no doubt about that. I love the first verse to this song, with that wonderful bass line that entices the listener. The song escalates to a roaring chorus and takes the song to the next level, but at the same time it creates a great contrast.


Rival Sons – Do Your Worst

The Rival Sons are back and I couldn’t be more excited after listening to their latest track. It delivers a groovy rock song with their signature flavour sprinkled on top. The melody and timing of the song has an addictive quality to it and the drumming is tasty, indeed.


Thrice – Only Us

An electronic sound permeates this song and forms the melody which is supported with the electric guitar. Dustin Kensrue’s vocals are impeccable on this track and I’m in love with the grittier undertone that he possesses.


Bring Me The Horizon – MANTRA

The video for MANTRA raises some interesting social questions regarding modern society and the images that we are presented with on a daily basis. The song feels very current and like it belongs in 2018. It is a commentary on our current societal norms and what we accept without question.

Slash ft Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – Mind Your Manners

The notes Myles hits in this song is basically superhuman and Todd’s backing vocals just adds to the magic. Slash’s guitar provides an undeniable rock ‘n roll groove that won’t allow you to forget this song anytime soon. The band’s latest album, “Living The Dream” released on the 21st of September 2018.

Make sure to check it out!


Asking Alexandria – Alone In A Room

This song’s lyrics resonate deeply with me and I’m surprised that the subject matter would mean so much to me. The song’s structure is different from the band’s other material. There are tender moments contrasted with a heavier chorus. I really love this song!


Smash Into Pieces – In Need Of Medicine

I find the composition of this song is what caught my attention. The genre of the song might be debatable if you wanted to get into that.  I found it easy to relate to the lyrics and the duet is refreshing as well.

Red Sun Rising – Stealing Life

Powerful subject matter is addressed in the music video for this song and I think the message is conveyed in a gentle manner. Mental illness is a very real, but rarely discussed subject in society and music has a way of addressing these issues in a powerful manner. I love Mike Protich’s vocals on this track, powerful yet subdued.


Rock Regards,

Lauren K

Eight Acoustic Rock Songs That Will Blow Your Mind!

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In no particular order, here are some of The Rock Riff’s favourite acoustic performance video. These songs were chosen due to the emotion that it evokes from the performer and the listener as well as the quality of the performances.

1) Rival Sons – Open My Eyes (Acoustic)

2) We As Human – We Fall Apart (Acoustic)

3) We Are Harlot – Dancing on Nails (Acoustic)

4) The Pretty Reckless – House on a Hill (Acoustic)

5) Slash ft Myles Kennedy – Bent To Fly (Acoustic)

6) Alter Bridge – Watch Over You (Acoustic)

7) Three Days Grace – Lost In You

8) Seether – The Gift (Acoustic) – in South Africa

(*The Rock Riff was there!!)

I hope you have enjoyed this short, but entertaining article.

Rock Regards,

Lauren K

Top 14 Rock Songs of 2014

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2014 Highlights

2014 Highlights

So it’s that time of the year again where The Rock Riff choose the best rock songs of the year. I really like compiling the list of songs, because it is a nice way of reflecting on the year that has been. Last year I had difficulty choosing the last few entries on the list, but this year there was an abundance of choices. It was difficult to choose only 14 songs from the past year.

The list is as follows:

Number 14: Set Me On Fire – Flyleaf

Flyleaf has received some backlash regarding comparisons between the band’s ex-vocalist (Lacey Sturm) and current vocalist, Kristen May. This track proves that Kristen May is a very talented vocalist and I believe essentially the material is still representative of Flyleaf’s sound. Flyleaf’s latest album “Between The Stars” is a solid offering from the band.

Number 13: Painkiller – Three Days Grace

Another band who has had to replace their lead vocalist is Three Days Grace after Adam Gontier’s departure. No one could ever really replace Adam, but Matt Walst is a pretty decent replacement considering the success the band has experienced thus far. I had a difficult choice to make between “Painkiller” and “I Am Machine”. The band is still delivering hard-hitting material and they have not lost their momentum.

Number 12: Let The Night In – Prime Circle

I will probably never forget the moment that I heard this song live for the first time. It had a great impact on me and it was the opening track of the concert. Prime Circle hails from South Africa and has made a solid mark on the rock industry in their home country the past few years. Their latest album has a fresh feel to it and I think this song is the reason for the overall feel of the album.

Number 11: 1000hp – Godsmack

When Godsmack decides to do anything they go full-out. I really love the pace of this song and it really gets the adrenaline pumping! There are certain types of songs only this band can pull off properly and 1000hp is one of them.

Number 10: Would You Still Be There – Of Mice & Men

I was really pleasantly surprised by this song and video. Personally I’m not a fan of screaming, but this song combined both clean vocals by Aaron Pauley and screaming/unclean vocals by Austin Carlisle to a degree that I could really enjoy the song. I think this song proves that a band can be creative while still retaining credibility within the industry and with their fans.

Number 9: Words As Weapons – Seether

Seether seem to be one of the most consistent rock bands in recent history and they did not disappoint with their latest release “Isolate and Medicate”. Words As Weapons is an artistic take on deceit in our daily lives and it is one of those songs you will be humming along to in your head long after you have listened to it.

Number 8: Drown – Theory of a Deadman

Theory of a Deadman has really delivered a solid rock album with the release of “Savages” this year. The album offers a diverse range of songs that really proves that the band is not set in their ways. Production has improved and lyrically the content covers a vast array of topics.

Number 7: Heaven Knows – The Pretty Reckless

With a devil-may-care attitude Taylor Momsen serves up an in-your-face rock song with a chorus to match. Accompanied by a somewhat controversial music video, this band knows how to grab your attention. A stellar performance indeed.

Number 6: Dog on a Leash – Adelitas Way

A hard-hitting, edgy rock song, the first single from the band’s latest album “Stuck”. A visually appealing music video accompanied its release and Rick DeJesus vocals are spot-on as always.

Number 5: Million Miles An Hour – Nickelback

Nickelback has always been masters of storytelling and this song really takes the listener on a trip. 😉 The chord progression, guitars and drums combine to deliver a perfectly brewed rock song.

Number 4: Heart of Fire – Black Veil Brides

Believe it or not, but I only started listening or paying attention to this band this year. I was pleasantly surprised by the songs that I heard. The one that stood out to me, though is “Heart of Fire” the song has a really epic feel to it. The melody and chorus take it to another level. “Heart of Fire” would definitely fit in seamlessly on a movie soundtrack.

Number 3: F.E.A.R – Papa Roach

Papa Roach is back! F.E.A.R (Face Everything And Rise) is one of the singles released from their latest album of the same name. The production on this song is great and it delivers a good message in an aggressive manner which creates a unique contrast between the style of the song and it’s subject. The music video plays like a short film and it is fantastic, check it out below.

Number 2: Open My Eyes – Rival Sons

I had to feature this song, because it really took me by surprise this year. A friend mentioned the band on Facebook and I decided to give them a listen. This song was my favourite and it is a rare song to feature in today’s modern music industry. I really enjoyed listening to a different type of rock song. Scott Holiday’s guitar work is impeccable.

NUMBER 1: Avalon – Slash ft Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

When “Avalon” grabs you it doesn’t let go! From Slash’s latest album “World on Fire”, this is one of Myles’s stand-out performances on the album (and that is saying something). The fast-pace of this song is infectious. This song automatically puts you in a great mood…FACT!

Thank you for sharing the countdown with us and may 2015 be an even better year for rock music.

Rock Regards,

Lauren K

Band of the Month – Rival Sons

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Jay and Scott by beggwa Source: http://beggwa.deviantart.com/

Jay and Scott by beggwa
Source: http://beggwa.deviantart.com/


Rival Sons is an American rock band from Long Beach, California. The band formed between 2008 and 2009 from the remnants of the band that Scott Holiday was part of called Black Summer Crush featuring Thomas Flowers (Oleander). The pair began auditioning musicians when Scott was introduced to Michael Miley and instantly felt he was the right fit. After trying several bass players Michael suggested Robin Everhart who joined the band. The band recorded together from 2006-2009. Scott was introduced to producer Dave Cobb who became a writing partner for the new album. Scott was eager to find the right vocalist and writing partner for the band. He came across Jay Buchanan’s music on MySpace. Michael Miley had previously played with him in his band Buchanan. Scott instantly knew that this was the vocalist he had waited for the past ten to twelve years of his life.

The band re-recorded “Before The Fire” with Jay Buchanan on vocals in 2009.

Prior to the formation of Rival Sons Jay Buchanan performed as a solo artist with his band Buchanan. Rival Sons would be the first rock band that Jay Buchanan has performed with and considering that he was a blues singer songwriter, he was initially sceptical and regarded the band as a side project. He was surprised by the reaction that the band received and the success they achieved with their debut album “Before The Fire” released in 2009.  The band got some exposure when their song “Tell Me Something” was used in an ad campaign for Indy car racing.

The band supported AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Kid Rock and performed on the track during a televised show of the Indianapolis 500.

The band recorded another EP which they released themselves in 2010 catching the attention of Earache Records founder Digby Pearson. The band signed a deal in November 2010 which eventually led to the recording of the album Pressure & Time in 2011.

The EP was re-released digitally by Earache Records and it spawned the band’s debut European single “Torture” in February 2011. In March 2011 the band played shows at the House of Blues, SXSW and Canadian Music Week. The band made their European debut at Camden Barfly on the 12th of February 2011 for the HMV Next Big Thing. Vintage Trouble supported the band and the show sold out in advance, which ignited an almost unbroken string of sold-out European shows.

The band takes pride in the fact that they write and record an album as quickly as their inspiration allows. This ensures that the spontaneity is maintained and that there is risk involved when the material is released. The live recording process that they use is key to their sound and adds an edge to their music.

The band has recorded every record released thus far with Dave Cobb. They released their second album Pressure & Time on the 20th June 2011 in the UK and on the 28th of June 2011 through Earache Records. Pressure & Time went on to be voted as Classic Rock magazine’s second best album of the year reaching number 1 under Amazon’s Best Sellers and charting at Number 19 on the Billboard charts.

Rival Sons played a number of shows in Canada in May 2011, as well as SXSW, Hangout festival, The Viper Room and they went on to play some European festivals such as Azkena, Sonisphere, Rock Werchter, Main Square, Putte Parken and Bospop in July 2011. The band joined Judas Priest, Queensryche and Lady Starlight who was on tour in the UK at the time.

Amy Lee personally requested that Rival Sons support Evanescence in the USA in October/November 2011 and again in January 2012. The band went on to play a headline tour in Europe in November and December 2011.

Rival Sons played an acoustic set at the annual Classic Rock Awards at the Roundhouse in London and they were voted “Best New Band” by the listeners at Planet Rock Radio. Pressure & Time was voted as the second best album of the year by Classic Rock Magazine.

In February 2012 the band entered the Honey Pye studios in Nashville, Tennessee for only 20 days to record their third full-length album along with Dave Cobb and Vance Powell.

Pressure & Time was re-issued as a deluxe edition from which the last single Face of Light was taken. They shot the video for Face of Light before the band embarked on some US and Canadian shows which included Rock on the Range and Big Music Fest before a string of European summer festivals including Rock Am Ring, Sweden Rock, Ruisrock, Bukta, Graspop and Download. Rival Sons played with Evanescence, Eagles of Death Metal and Black Stone Cherry at some European shows.

Rivals Sons released their fourth studio album “Head Down” in September 2012 to critical claim. The album charted in the Top 40 in 7 countries. The band embarked on another sold out European tour, featured on the cover of Classic Rock Magazine and won the Breakthrough artist award presented by Vic Reeves.

In January 2013, the second single “Until The Sun Comes” was released accompanied by a video directed by Simon Gesrel, known for his stop-motion work. In March the band recorded for Billboard The Beat and appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 7th of March 2013 then left on another tour to Europe supported by The Balconies and they then went to the UK in April supported by The Graveltones and Ulysses, culminating in a sold-out show at Shepherds Bush Empire. The band did a small mid-west USA tour before returning to Europe in June to play more summer festivals including Download, Kivenlahti Rock, Bergenfest, Bravalla, Main Square and Open Air St. Gallen. The band also supported Kiss in Italy and Switzerland.

In September of 2013 Rival Sons supported Sammy Hagar across the US, played Hard Rock Vegas in December and celebrated New Year by headlining a street party in their hometown of Long Beach. Robin Everhart left the band in August 2013 due to the rigors of touring and was replaced by Dave Beste.

In early 2014, the band returned to the studio with Dave Cobb producing once more, their latest album “Great Western Valkyrie” was released on the 6th of June 2014.

I’m always looking for new material for my blog, so when a friend of mine in America posted on her Facebook page about Rival Sons I was intrigued. I recognized the name, because I had seen the band on the cover of that month’s Classic Rock Magazine. I decided to give them a listen. I clicked on the link and eventually got redirected to the band’s video for “Open My Eyes” on YouTube. I was NOT disappointed. The guitar work, combined with Jay Buchanan’s passionate wails had me hooked. It is honestly one of the best songs I have heard this past year. Generally this type of rock music is not my cup of tea, but at least I can enjoy some classic rock without feeling like I have time-traveled to 1975. I was a little irritated when I saw all the terrible comments on their videos. The band is constantly being compared to Led Zeppelin and other classic rock bands, which I feel is irrelevant. It is 2014, which means they are continuing a legacy and not merely copying a band which was popular years ago. Their music is uplifting and immediately puts you in a good mood. In 2014 this band is unique and passionate which is all I need to know to appreciate their music. Scott Holiday is a beast with the guitar, by the way. 😉

You can follow the band on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rivalsons

You can follow Scott Holiday on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Scott_Holiday

You can follow Jay Buchanan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaybuchanan_

You can follow Mike Miley on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mileyondrumz

Rock Regards,

Lauren K

This image is the property of the photographer. Source: http://basseca.deviantart.com/ "David McDonald Photos" Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer.
Source: http://basseca.deviantart.com/
“David McDonald Photos”
Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer. Source: http://basseca.deviantart.com/ "David McDonald Photos" Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer.
Source: http://basseca.deviantart.com/
“David McDonald Photos”
Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer. Source: http://basseca.deviantart.com/ "David McDonald Photos" Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos

This image is the property of the photographer.
Source: http://basseca.deviantart.com/
“David McDonald Photos”
Twitter handle @DavidMcDPhotos