Band of the Month – Linkin Park and Living Things Review

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Linkin Park

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I have recently bought the Living Things album and I will share my thoughts and opinions on the album with you. Please keep in mind you may agree or disagree with me, these are my own opinions and thoughts.

Over the years I have loosely followed Linkin Park’s career. When Hybrid Theory was released Linkin Park exploded on to the music scene. All my friends had the album, everyone was listening to them. At that moment in time their music was mainly defined as rock music. Meteora followed more or less in the same vein as Hybrid Theory. The songs that stand out to me in this era are “One Step Closer”, “In The End”, “Lying From You”, “Numb” and “Breaking The Habit”.

Their next album was Minutes to Midnight which I would classify as a much soft rock, because it was significantly slower than their previous works. At first I didn’t really know what to make of this change, but later on I started to appreciate the musicianship more. These songs weren’t just there to make money, they meant something. I concentrated more on the messages that these songs convey and I understood the album more.

I really loved their collaboration with Jay-Z was really impressive and creative. I listened to that album quite a lot and the dvd isn’t something you will easily forget.

I’m only going to touch on A Thousand Suns, because I didn’t purchase the album, but the singles off of the album I found really interesting and it definitely included a more electronic based sound than their previous endeavours. I loved the music video for Waiting for the End it was impressive, visually interesting and it suited the content of the song.

Now we come to the topic of Living Things their latest album released on June 26, 2012. The opening track ‘Echo’ is an emotional track of resilience and strength. Mike Shinoda’s rap technique has always amazed me, his pronunciation is perfect and as a rock music fan this is a huge compliment from my side. This album really marries a lot of different techniques and sounds into one. There is rap, rock and electronic influences and it somehow works. Chester Bennington delivers quality vocals and shows off the variety of tones there are to his voice. In my personal opinion he can tone down on the amount of screaming now and then, but this can be a matter of taste. The 1st single “Burn It Down” is a great listen and combines all the layers of music instruments used probably the best. Lies Greed Misery is strangely my favourite track as Mike specifically shines on this track. It has an infectious beat and it sounds as if it carries some inspiration from their Jay-Z collaboration. The more I listen to the album the more I like it and the more I accept the new direction Linkin Park has taken these past few years.

A lot of people have been blasting Linkin Park for changing their sound so regularly; I think this is a quality that should be admired not ridiculed. There are bands out there that are being hated upon for keeping their sound more or less the same, so you can’t really please everyone.

Altough I like my rock music more organic, I would definitely pop in Living Things when I want to listen to something different and refreshing. Linkin Park is evolving with the times and so is their music. They want to remain relevant in the music industry by constantly adapting to the current climate of the industry.

I have some fantastic news to share with my fellow South Africans!

Linkin Park is coming to perform in South Africa in November 2012!

“Linkin Park will perform at the Cape Town Stadium on 7 November and at the Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on 10 November.”

“Tickets go on sale to the public for the Johannesburg show on Thursday 26 July and then for Cape Town show on Friday 27 July from Computicket.”

To view the full article please follow this link.

I hope all my fellow South Africans enjoy the concert.

I’m really delighted that more famous musicians are visiting our beautiful country, as this means more artists will follow.

Rock Regards,

Lauren Kruger

PS: A HUGE Happy Birthday to Slash who turned 47 yesterday, a living legend!

Linkin Park Band

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